2003 HARD

Here, we took a tired looking 2003 hard top TD5 and refreshed it. It has new Puma panels painted in the original and stunning metallic Oslo Blue. It sits on modular steel wheels with B F Goodrich All Terrain tyres built on an E T 0 offset. This maximises ride handling and a better turning circle. The rear cross member and front bumper have been painted in gloss black and steering guard and rock sliders have been added for protection. The wing mirror backs and front grille and headlight surrounds have been colour coded to Oslo Blue also. The engine has been remapped by Bell Auto Services who are local and the best in the business, in over opinion. A stainless steel full exhaust system also aids performance and sounds great!

The TD5's suspension has been renewed using genuine springs and dampers which give a more comfortable ride than the original, too. Every exterior bolt has been swapped to stainless steel and the door hinges were fitted when building back up. Headlights have been upgraded to a clear bowl and xenon gas bulbs-this keeps the look original whilst making huge improvements at night time. Clear indicators were added to help the look of this great car. The chassis was in good condition for the age but was steam cleaned and undersealed to give protection for years to come.

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The interior was improved by painting all internal panels with some sound proofing added. The original seat box and footwell rubber matting was re-used to keep this a practical Defender. A digital radio headunit with upgraded speakers in the front and rear speakers were added to help the enjoyment, too.

When sourcing the upgraded rear tub, a Puma station wagon tub was purchased, due to the bulkhead being removed already created much better legroom for the driver and passenger too.

The floor in the rear was coated with Raptor which gives a protective and non-slip surface. Side panels were added and covered in automotive carpet and sound proofed. For a 16 year old Land Rover, we now think this looks great and drives as well as it looks!